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AVG antivirus checker tool is provided by small search engine optimization tools which supports you in finding malwares in the site for users and supportive for site owner to make their site virus free. Internet AVG site scanner is one of the top free security products presented and it can be used without restrictions in the non-commercial atmosphere to scan a site.

This tool is a single click shop for analyzing any site. It helps you know whether or not a site can be perfectly opened. It confirms the status of the site and finds out what others people have to say about it. When you know how secure and safe site is you can reject the serious issues you can stumble upon by using an infected site. They can put both your privacy and your security at danger.

This tool does not need any program to be downloaded. You can use it via your browse with no need to install anything on to your personal computer, or embed anything on your site. Site owners can make their site better by deleting the threats found with the Antivirus checker. Site users can use it too and make sure that the sites they visit are secure before going in.

Cyber dangers are everywhere. It is best choice to check a site before you visit it to find out how secure it. Especially, if you plan on buying or downloading anything from the site, it does not matter if you are the owner of a site or just a regular online user you will it valuable to confirm the security score of a site for yourself.

How to save a Wordpress website from virus or malware attacks?

As 100s of sites are launched on Wordpress, so here we have offered some very helpful tips to save your Wordpress website from virus or malware attacks:

  • Most website owners use the Wordpress Admin default name. For best security, use some special username and not the admin default name. Most injections or viruses happen because of an outdated version of Plugins or Wordpress. So whatever an update comes, ensure you don’t make any reason for not updating!
  • Never use pirated plugins and themes because they have virus and can spread malware to users. Ensure that you buy plugins and themes from trusted sources only.
  • Backup regularly

Try this tool if your site is affected by any virus or malware.