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Backlinks are known as inlinks, inbound links, incoming links and inward links, are incoming links to a web page or website. In general link terminology, a backlink is any link got by a web node from another website node.

There are many tools in the marketing presents now days, you can select from free and paid backlink checkers.

We make backlinks to get higher PR in Google and other search engines. Generally, we make dofollow backlinks for our website. We can see how many backlinks we have made for our website by using backlinks checker instruments. Here are some remarkable free backlinks checker tools that will help you to view all the incoming backlinks to your website.

More is at stake when we are an online enterprise or a blogger. It becomes essential to outdo your competitor in order to get the ranking that the former does.

Using this tool, we spy our rival’s traffic sources, the keywords he ranks for and the backlinks that point to the rival’s domain.

Why you need backlink checker tool?

Backlink checker tool will support you find how many links you have and will support you to find which backlinks are improving your ranking of blog in search engines by LIS feature and also you can find your rival backlink like how many they have or source of these backlinks and you can also find only do-follow links by choosing do-follow.

Why do a backlink analysis?

To know which websites are linking to your website or your rival site.

To match your backlink profile with a powerful competitor so that you can go powerful than them (this is supportive to tell Google that you are a rival of an already established website).

Features of Backlink checker

Keep an objective link profile

Watch the spread of nofollow and dofollow links, as well as split of links anchors into brand and cash phrases. The mechanical PDF report regularly informs you through mail about the link information as well as metrics and features of incoming domains and URLs.

Never loose Backlink ever again

The backlink checker tool crawls all your field link on a regular basis and mechanically notifies you whenever the link went broken.

Get rid of potentially bad links

You will forever know who is linking to you, which provides you the chance to quickly disavow potentially bad links or ask for their removal by contacting the liable webmaster directly through the tool. Try this tool if you want to analyze your backlinks.