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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code to text radio checker is an amazing tool. This tool shows the ratio of real text on a website page matched to the ratio of HTML code. Most search engine use this to compute the relevancy of a website page. If you find a superior code to text percentage, then it means there are more possibilities of getting best search engine ranking.

To use this tool, just put the URL of the website and let our tool show the full results in a second only. The outcomes provided by this tool present the actual code to text ratio, total HTML size and content text size.

Lots of search engine use the code to text radio but on the other way, there are also many search engines that don’t target on it. But still if you make it a main concern to have a superior code to text ratio on your website, you can simply gain a substantial benefit over your rivals.

This tool is very simple to use, actually, you can make use of it even without any technical skills or expertise. It developers have performed all the technical stuff of this instrument so that you can use it with ease. All you need to perform in utilizing the checker is to copy and paste the URL or add it in the checker box. When done, push the key to produce the outcomes. Without also having to download any instrument on your personal computer, you can use this tool quickly anywhere you are provided there is an internet link.

The website-based app is what you need for guaranteed results for checking the text to code percentage for any page of your website. In this case, you can stick to the guidelines of search engines when it comes to the amount of text or length that should be present on your site pages so that they rank superior on search engine outcomes pages. Don’t think twice but use the best search engine optimization tool if you need to better your site rankings.

Our tool gives you two values. The primary percentage calculated by using the data of full page. The second is computed by primary stripping away the leading and the trailing white-area in every line, and deletes all blank lines.

Try this tool to get your code to text ratio checker result.