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Dmoz is known all over the internet as being the biggest source online directory, but it is truly value your time and effort to try to get your site listed in their directory?

You must remember when submitting your site to Dmoz that this directory is one of the human run directories which means that a person must go over your submission, your site, and check if your site is best of being in the directory from their own stance of view. All the editors at Dmoz are volunteers just like me and you that have applied to become reviewers and editors in their unique field of interest.

It does not cost to have your website listed in Dmoz, so that this is an extra, but they do have certain standards that they guess but once again the volunteers are only people and they must also stick to these top standards to make sure that Dmoz keeps its top regards for submissions.

Dmoz want to get a high standard, content top resource in which the common public will consider indispensable and useful Dmoz expects their reviewers and editors to keep this top standard and only permit sites with special, original and precious informational content that contribute something special to the category’s subject. So, before you put your site go over this check list to make sure have the kind of site they have and then remember the rest is up to reviewers and editors.

  • Do not submit sites that have matching content but have different URLs.
  • Do not submit sites that have matching content to another site you already have listed in Dmoz.
  • Do not put your URL with each page as an individual submission.
  • Don’t put sites that have pages that are not working rightly, and are under construction, have broken links, broken graphics, or are redirecting to another site.
  • Do not submit sites that are just a mass of links to affiliate programs.
  • Do not submit sites with illegal content such as violence, fraud, libel, or child pornography.
  • None of this will make sure your inclusion into Dmoz directory but it will support. The wait to get into Dmoz can be an extremely long wait if indeed you are ever added.
  • If your site meets the criteria of Dmoz and you perform in fact get an editor that agrees with these standards that you will be happy enough to have your site added. Use Dmoz listing checker to check your listing in site. Try this tool to get fast result.