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To find out source code of any web page or site you can use web page source code tool. Webpage source code is a free internet tool which will obtain the source code of any site. Using this tool you can not only obtain source code of your site but also your competitor’s site. The tool is accessible for free and using webpage source code you can get source code of unlimited number of sites and that all are totally free. If you are having the source code of your rival’s site then you can find out which keywords your competitors have used for ranking. As you know keywords of your rival you can use them and get your site ranked in all of the big search engines.

Why this tool selected by SEO people and site owners?

This tool does not need any installation. Therefore, its use in a very fast way, generating them the result they need within just a few seconds. For quite some time, the tool has helped 1000s upon 1000s of people in producing source code of any HTMP page. In this example, they are capable to check upon the specs of those definite URLs, meaning they are capable to view how those website pages job and what their specs are. If you are an internet marketer, SEO person or site owner, you can see the source code with this tool without any problem or without taking the time to installing anything on your personal computer or gadget. You can use it anywhere and anytime, being an internet-based solution. It jobs anywhere provided you are online. More so, you don’t need to pay money using the get source code of webpage viewer.

Why source code is vital

  • If you want to find out the phrases which are being used by your rival source code will support you in finding out. You will be capable to view all the keywords which are being used by a site by opening its source code.
  • Source code also shows all the Meta tags which you have used on your site. You can find the Meta keywords by searching the Meta tags in the source code. If there are wrong Meta keywords present in the site source code you can simply remove them as they are of no use.
  • Try this tool to get best result.