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Publishing new and special content is one of the top ways to achieve top rankings in Google. But how can we know if Google had crawled our website or how can we check if Google truly knows that our website also exists? These kinds of questions come in every one’s mind. When Google spiders crawls your site, it captures a snapshot of each website page and save them as backup. So when a user searches for a phrase or keyword in Google search, then cached edition is what Google uses to find if it matches with the searched keyword or not. Each search result contains a link to cached version of the site which takes the user to the cached page of the website. It is extremely beneficial when a site is temporarily down due to technical problems.

How to use Google Cache Checker tool?

Enter the full website URL in the text box; you can check up to twenty links at time. In just a second, our instrument will give you with the right date and time Google produced your websites most recent cached edition.

This tool tells the website owner how often their website is being cache by Google. On putting the website in the box, our tool will fast show the results in a chart from presenting you the right time and date the website was last screened by Google crawlers. If you notice that your website cached edition does not show, then you must take fast action as it is sign that your website was Penalized or search engine monster cannot crawl your website.

How the tool works

This tool consists of an editable text pane and a submit key. Use the text pane to enter up to twenty URLs for which you want to view the modern cached version from Search engine monster. On clicking submit, the instrument presents the cache status of each URL. If a cached edition is present, it is showed in the time and date format. If there is no cached detail, then not cached message emerges. Why we need cache?

We need cache for the website page status. When we replace our website page then we want outcome of the page. But the outcome takes some time to show. The outcome is take time because Google cache takes time. Try this tool to get your Google cache results.