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SEO or search engine optimization is a vital, albeit tedious, job for any website owner or blogger. Without a best search engine optimization plan, it makes it very hard for search engines to index and, more vitally, visitors to find your site or your articles. It is a famous fact that most visitors searching for detail will click links on the primary page of any search engine results. Some may dig deeper into second, third and further search engine results even though these are a minority.

One of the most vital aspects of best search engine optimization is selecting best keywords. Definitely, selecting best keywords is only part of the war. You also have to consider the competition level from other website, their backlink strength, PR ranking, domain age and the standard of their content.

Another vital keyword consideration is article length and keyword density. What is keyword density? Keyword density is the metrics of how often your particular keyword emerges within your article. Placement of these vital keywords in your articles title, tags, Meta keyword, Meta description, picture names and alt text and the sensible use of header tags around out the requisite steps to make sure your articles place perfect in search engine results.

Beginning with keyword research is forever a best first step in the writing process.

Use a keyword analysis tool to find the keywords with the highest search volume and less competition. Look for “long-tail” search keywords that match the way people speak/or and type.

The primary phrase or search word should be repeated in your content, but too much can be a wrong thing and get flagged as keyword stuffer.

Density over five percent is considered stuffing and should be rejected.

Keyword density is the ratio of times a keyword or phrase shows on a website page when matched to the full number of words in that page. As the number of times a keyword emerges in relation to the full number of words, the larger will be the keyword density of the page.

Search engine monster has already taken steps to penalize fully bad SEO sites. So let’s be alert when writing your site articles. Only keep your keyword density at around three percent to five percent. It will definitely help you in SEO.

If you want to check your article keyword density, try this tool.