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This is a prototype search engine optimization tool that will support you optimize your site for search engine ranking. The search engine optimization tool is designed to find out how perfect your site ranks on MSM, Yahoo and Google for specific keywords.

Most ranking program out there only counts the amounts of times your website is ranked on search engine and based on that it shows you what your ranking is. In truth it is not extremely likely that a user will type in your domain name into search engine to find your site. We all know keyword is that users write in on search engines.

Keyword position checker is not a tool that will improve traffic to your website. It is an instrument that will advise to you what you need to better on your website to make it extra search engine friendly.

How Does The Keyword Position Tool Work?

This tool is scanning through Google results for phrase/keyword you entered to determine where your link or site is placed. As the test runs, it is best to see green results quickly. That means your site was found on the primary page for Google outcomes by search engine for that phrase. Even if you have a place in the best three, a front page position is best news. Anyway, if your site is not working in the best 10 pages then you have an issue. Either you have not worked for that phrase, or you have not tracked best guidelines and your site may be penalized.

Key Features of Keyword Position Checker:

Mechanically update keyword ranking on a schedule

Keyword ranking checker is capable to mechanically update keyword ranking detail on your scheduled time.

Check keyword position

The keyword position checker is capable to check all your keywords positions on multiple search engines (including Bing, Yahoo, Google and AOL) with a one click.

Follow keyword ranking

This keyword position checker permits you to follow your keyword positions on search engines, see if your keyword ranking has moved down or up.

Here are some tips on how you can better a keyword position after checking:

  • Select your keyword carefully. Be as specific as easy with long tail keywords, and target on those with lower competition.
  • Less is more. Sites who optimized for a handful of best phrases will get a superior place than those who optimize for a big number of perfect keywords.

Try this Keyword Position checker tool to know your site ranking.