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The link price calculator is a best search engine optimization tool. To get an explicit guess of what ratio a link is worth. This tool calculates accurate amount of cash you must be paying for obtaining this online link.

This tool based on the these factors age of the site, inward links, Page Rank, Alexa traffic rank, backlinks, and outward links. Remember this tool is simply for fun. Google is strongly against mercantilism links.

Perfect Link Price Calculator SEO tool

This tool is one of the vital search engine optimization tool used by all the site owners to calculate the right price of the link. A little bit of error in the price of the link can cost big loss to the site owners as the advertisers will not provide them the right to show their ads in the future. So, it is important that the best link price calculator search engine optimization instrument is used and for this a site holder can apply the services of powerful SEO tool. This tool will compute the right price to be charged for per click on the link, so that neither site owner or nor the advertiser has to face any loss. A user needs to give the details of the domain name so that this tool can calculate the price. A user can give details of twenty domain names at a time and this tool will calculate the right price of each domain offered in the fraction of seconds.

Advantage and original strategies

A site owner can only make big profits if more and more advertisers are attached with the site. Advertise do admit on paying a quite more amount than the market price to the site owner because of the site status. Anyway, if a site owner charge high price than the market price from the advertiser than advertise will not admit on it and will destroy the contract. Additional, this can effect to the status of the site as other marketers will also get affected by it. So, it is perfect to use this tool regularly compute the price to be charged from the promoter. Promoters do use this instrument and if the site owners apply the same price computed by this instrument, then both the site owner and advertisers are satisfied and no one is facing any loss.

Try this tool check your link price worth.