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What is IP address?

IP address stands for internet protocol address. An IP address is a numerical address assigned to every gadget being used on a PC network using internet protocol. The WWW uses IP address to track every computer and device on the internet so that they can exchange and communicate information to keep the network working.

Almost every gadget has an IP address on an internet linked network, but a domestic network swill sometimes share a one IP address for internet access. For instance, a business network might be allocated a single IP detail for the internet, and all gadgets on the private set-up share that IP address for online access. Anyway, each individual gadget is generally linked a domestic IP address of its own for the domestic network.

What is my IP address?

Your IP location can be found using our MY IP address tool. No IP address tool is hundred percent perfect due to different reasons. Some of those reasons contain where the boss of the IP has it recorded, where the company that manages the IP is placed cellular IPs, proxies, etc. if you are in the United States and controlling agency of the IP is placed in Canada, chances are the IP address results will present as Canada. Presenting a Canada IP while in the USA is very general among Blackberry users on the Verizon network.

Generally, people believe if they do an IP address search, that they are going to find the real mailing address of the user linked the IP in question. This is simply not real. At present, we are not linked of any IP address record that will provide you the real physical postal detail of the IP address. At best, you will get the right city in which the user is IP is placed. For a right physical address you would need to contact the Internet service provider or ISP. Anyway, without a police warrant, or some type of legal documents forcing the ISP to turn over the detail, don’t expect them to provide you the mailing address of the users that was linked the IP at the time you got the unpleasant email, or other means of questionable/offensive communication from said IP. The best you can perform in this case is to file a complaint with the ISP and forward them all of the detail from the offensive/question communication regarding the complaint.