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About Online Ping Website Tool

Most of us write hubs, lens, articles, write posts and submit videos to get more traffic and feed back to site. Let’s face it, some of us trust on traffic to our work to gain either profit or traffic or both. The nature of the beast lies in people being capable to find our work in search engines. To support blogs find quicker, you will need to ping your job using an online ping site tool.

There are few vital things to remember when you are using online ping site tool.

Don’t over ping your website, this will look like span and job against any traffic building attempts your making. This will lead some directions to even ban your URL. Also don’t ping when you have not updated your blog or site with fresh content or included some other big changes to your website, such as change the layout, new design. Pinging when there is no fresh content would not perform anything other than looking like spam.

Ping your website is not a replacement or an alternative for back linking or other search engine optimization tips. Remember search engines base their ranking on website popularity which is translated via the number and the standard of that websites backlinks. Websites that have perfect back links will rank higher than websites that have few best backlinks, although they ping their website when they update. Pinging is just single tool that you can not the full tool box.

You can ping as often as you need, anyway some websites will just let you ping within a certain time period. Many of them would not let you ping your home if you have pinged your sub pages or another page on your website.

You are not restricted to ping your blog or site, any videos, YouTube, articles or any other content you have online can be pinged. This support index them quicker making them better backlinks and driving more traffic to your website.

It is optional but it is forever a best idea to include your website RSS feed when pinging.

Pinging an article, video, lens, hub pages is simply a technique of alerting search engines that your job exists. You can either spend a lot of time writing articles or marketing them. It is really simple process to promote your website.