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About Page Authority Checker

The page authority checker, as the name advises, is a checker tool that lets you view how a specific site page is doing on search engines. First, page authority is generated by MOZ in order to score or rate a page on a hundred point scale. A pages score will be based on the data coming from the website index of MozRank, MozTrust, and Mozscape and links counts and among other metrics. Before any outcome will be produced, the page authority by MOZ applies a machine-learning technique that will then discover an algorithm that associates with all ranking across search outcomes, which they will guess against.

Moz page authority score is very vital from search engine point of view; the higher your PV worth is the more likely you have powerful traffic and top rank. Page authority score can be used to verify the power of webpage over time by matching the one page with another. It supports you understand where your specific webpage lying on Google results. Use our tool to verify what your page author score worth.

What is the difference of domain authority and page authority?

It is easy. Page authority predicts and measures the power of one page, while authority predicts and measures the power of a full sub-domain or domain.

The page authority checker will support you better your full search engine optimization effort. For one, it is suggest that you target on your link profile, which can openly influence MozRank and MozTrust, through getting links from amazing links-to-pages.

Here we are giving some tips to improve the page authority:

  • Follow right link building strategies
  • Forever publish new and engaging content on your website. Ensure the content is special and gives detail to the users.
  • Besides writing new content for your users, ensure you use rightly optimized pictures in your content.
  • How to use this page authority checker tool

    You can use this perfect tool for a website page by adding its open address to the clipboard. Even this instrument can be used for bulk checking. You can check approximately twenty pages at a time with the help of this instrument. Then by checking all the detail on the internet it will give you the status of website page.