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Sites which are having website pages with little size can simply ranked on search engines. If the website pages of your site is having little size it will not it will not just help you in terms of SEO but also site will load quicker. To find out what is the size of a website page you can use this tool. Webpage size checker is a totally free tool which you can use to find web pages size which are current on a site. Using this instrument you can calculate the size of unrestricted number of website pages and that too for free. The tool will present the size of the website page in KBs and Bytes. Once you know what is the size of the website page present on your site you can SEO them and make search engine friendly.

If your website page takes long time to load it can outcome in high bounce rate because the online users don’t have the patience to wait for the pages to unlock in this fast paced globe of internet. Average size of a little website page is approximately 12 KB and load in no time. Anyway, as you include more media to your page, the size of the site page rises and will subsequently get time to upload. When you embed flash, image, graphics, video or audio or any other type of media, it will mechanically raise the size of your site. After you run this tool to examine the size of your site, the outcomes will be showed in both Byte and KB. If your website hosting server has provided a restricted space, you can track how much area you are using by accessing the size of each website page via this tool. You can restrict the size of your page it loads quicker and decreases the bounce rate. This is a very vital tool to maintain the load time of your site that will make sure foot fall.

How to decrease page size and decrease loading speed?

  • Optimize your picture scaling them rightly. It is clear that an image with 2000 x 2000 pixels would take big time to load than an image with 100 x 100 pixels. So forever scale your pictures before you upload them to your website.
  • You can also make use online free image compression tools that decrease your image sizes without losing standard.
  • Try this tool to decrease your page size.