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Most people don’t understand that a search engine spider will see their website differently than a human being will. Is your code perfect enough that the search spiders can rightly understand it? A site page that all the bells whistles and attracts to human eye means actually nothing to a search engine spider. If you have a picture with some text on it, the spiders don’t view that. Likewise they are not capable to view any text that is embedded within a flash film.

Getting beyond those 2 facts you also need to know the spider is not capable to understand site languages at all including CSS or Javascript. So, just because you have an amazing site does not mean you are going to get best placement in the engines regardless of what kind of content is added within the pages.

To describe things for you a bit, the following list of formats are not capable to be understood or read by search engine spiders, so when you optimizing your site for those search engines you need to save this detail in mind:

  • Banners, flash movies and other flash kind elements such as menus are not capable to be read by search engine spiders. They look amazing but to the search spiders they are essentially not important. Ensure that you have a sitemap on your website that is attached from the home page.
  • The spider does not know what is in that picture. Use your image alt tag to put that bit of detail in there.
  • Javascript and other languages are helpful in keeping the code count down on a provided page and actually support things to load quicker, but they are quite useless in the search engine game because the search engine spider cannot read them.
  • Other multimedia file formats are also an issue for them as well. They cannot read what is included within them so anything vital included within these files if virtually useful for search engine optimization objectives.

While it is real that some of the spiders can index some of this stuff, the reality is that you will never gain very top rankings because of the use of them if your main content is added within these languages. These kinds of tools mimic what a search engine spider views when it comes to your site.

If you use a lot of images on your site be sure that contain many pages of written content. Using a search engine spider stimulator tool can help you to view what the search spider’s view.

Try this tool to check your site.