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With this tool, you can count what number of lively links is accessible on the specific page. You can make use of this tool for many different objectives. Most commonly, the site owners might want to make sure what number of outside links arrives on the exact webpage to confirm the standard in light of the fact that it is wrong to distribute an excess of the lively links.

This tool provides the aggregate inner links and other links to the clients who provide internet advertisers to inspect some link within linking worth of website and provide them to set up a link some connection with building a system. The ratio of outside links and internal links ought to connect with near one another. This tool provides you a possibility to break down what figure of links your site has.

No doubt, linking building is the most great and dubious part of a search engine optimization, additionally the way to achievement. Site links make a website focuses which is utilized through search motor to move beginning with on website then onto the next. You can examine your website utilizing this tool to figure out what type of links you are utilizing on your website.


The internet link counter is a strong SEO tool which can largely advantage the page rank of a site. By knowing how many links are present on a one page or the full site, you can analyse whether or not they are in right balance with the amount of site content. If the ratio of links is too strong it could affect the full standard of not only that particular site page but the site as a full. Additional, excessive outgoing link could pose problems with credibility and page ranking thus damaging your status on the WWW.

Helpful tips to reject the unnecessary links in webpage

The full users who visiting sites forever want to have more informative content to be read rather than related links or seeing links. Some of the users also believe that rather than going to a fresh website link, they need to visit another site where the content is simply accessible. This is one of the important reasons why you need to use this type of tool in order for you to take the big steps in the future if more than general links counts are showed in a site.

Try this tool to count your link.