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Website Screenshot Generator

It lets you make a screenshot for any website page before, or a user, even access it. This is a helpful tool for people looking to produce some click-through traffic as it permits users to view the site before they go to it. They know what they can guess and will feel more happy opening it up and waiting for it to load rightly.

This tool has so far created 1000s of screenshots of website pages. These images have been used by site owners and promoters who are involved in raising their traffic. If you are the holder of a site and would like to improve the amount of people who visit your website page by uploading the created screenshots to picture sharing website, it is simple as using our on demand tool.

There is no program to install to use it, permitting you to make site images very fast. There are also no fees involved as we give this instrument free of charge. It has been used by site owners with multiple sites to produce screenshots of every site they own.

All you have to perform is input the URL of the page you want to make a screenshot of into the tool. The tool then grips a screenshot of the site for you and can also provide you a thumbnail of the picture for you to use as you see fit.

This is an amazing tool for internet portals or site directories. It is also best for blogs and any expert site. It has delivered 1000s of professionally gripped screenshots that have shocked our users from all around the globe.

How to save screenshot

If you want to keep the screenshots which were produced using generate site screenshot tool you can follow the steps which have described below.

  • Right click on the screenshot which is produced. You will view many options on your PC screen.
  • You have to choose keep image as option from the list showed.
  • Now search the place where you want to keep the screenshot. Once you have chosen the place rename the picture by providing a new title in File name field.
  • If you need to replace the file extension you can make adjusts by including the wanted file extension in the finish of the file name.
  • Once you have adjusted the file title and give a new extension you can click on save picture button.
  • Try this tool to capture site screenshot.