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The internet is a big with over 1 billion sites and new ones creeping up every second. To query detail regarding any domain name, WHOIS, a response and query protocol can be used. Using this protocol we can find detail related to a domain title, IP address block or an autonomous system. If you are planning to sign up an URL, you can use WHOIS checker to know if the URL is accessible or taken. If the URL has been register4d by someone else, you can get detail on the owner and the date of expiry, which will permit you to plan on your additional action.

In simple words, WHOIS is a public database that provides you detail regarding any registered domain name. detail about the registries, the person to whom own the domain, expiry date and registration, owner contact detail and more can be got using a WHOIS checker tool. The liability of updating WHOIS databases lies with the person registrar. Therefore, there is every chance that the registry is not forever completely updated. Most registrars run an update every twenty four hours and therefore the outcomes for queries can be out of date by up to forty seven hours.

Many domain checker tool provide you the feature to check multiple domain at the same time. You can enter the site URLs in separate lines in the box provided and easy click on the submit button. Tool will transfer a query to the WHOIS server, which in turn will answer out query. The detail will then be showed on the screen for your reference. Unlike most other WHOIS checker tool. This makes it simple for you to match and decipher the results.

The Whois lookup may support you in order to find out who manages or owns a domain. The whois checker tool provides you direct access to accessible contact detail of the respective domain owner. This can be support in order to get in touch with the domain registrar, if there technical problems with the domain or if any legal rights have been breached. Whois lookup can be supportive if you intend to purchase a domain name that has already been registered and you plan to submit an offer to the present domain owner.

Additional, some domain owners use private domain register where the personal data is saved confidential, thus these detail cannot be accessed using the Whois checker tool.