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Word Counter

If you are writer then you definitely know that most sites and publications have a lowest word count that you must adhere to. Fresh writers, or even old ones, may trust on counting the words themselves. Today, with the computers and internet then you don’t have to do this yourself. There are a number of sites and PC programs that can count the words that you copy and paste into their text fields.

There are many other programs, like, which counts the cheaters and how many phrases that you have put into the text. It also analyzes and counts the density of your keywords. Using a word count tool is a must for writers, you just need to cut and paste the text of your article and it presents you how many words are within the text.

Many internet article sites need anywhere from 200 to 400 words at a minimum. This site needs 250 and even comes with a word counting tool. The internet provides an amazing service through PHP and Java script that are available. These scripts help to do grammar and spell checking.

You will find a range of online word counting tools on the web, but not all tools permit you to save your work for publishing at later date, rather than having to click a count button to view the total at any given time. In some cases an easy word processing program, like MS world, will perform the trick for letting you count the characters and keep a saved copy of your project.

How it is used?

You can copy and paste your text with the characters in the text box, or you can write your characters and words into the text box. The counter will updated quickly, showing the amounts of paragraphs, word sentences, characters and whitespace in your text, not to mention that the keyword density is also showed.

Of course, this is a free internet tool. All results are fast shown and it is ridiculously simple to use and definitely, the service is fully free.

The internet counting tool is best for PDFs, essay and just about any type of document where you can past the text info into the text box.

The most recent editions of Microsoft word has this feature built in: Open a World Doc and select review from the top menu and word count button is on the left hand side.