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Every site must give a Sitemap to both search engines and visitors, as both of them are vital for its internet survival. A best sitemap presents each destination page, its significance, and its relevancy and therefore helps in rising value of a site. An XML sitemap is not restricted to Bing, Yahoo and Google, it is only accessed by many other tools and therefore it has much more significance then what we realize. A sitemap can be in ROR, XML, or HTML depending on its objective or we can make a sitemap in each format.

A sitemap as the name shows is a representation of structure of website in a simply accessible manner; it is a micro level view of a site. It gives a link to all pages and sections in a hierarchical fashion. A best designed sitemap is guide map of a site where a user can find what is accessible on this site and where.

XML Sitemap File Generator

You can simply make your own sitemap.XML file if you know XML or you can use an online tool to mechanically make one. Google also gives information on making XML sitemap. It is very easy and convenient to use. Simply write your site address i.e. URL at the space offered for site URL. Choose change frequency i.e. period within which contents of your site are uploaded. Select any of the update options for yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or hourly. Now type date of final modifications, it will mechanically display present date as date of the final modification by default. Then choose priority i.e. significance of your pages for indexing by Google between zero and one for your site or website pages. Finally click on general sitemap. Within a few seconds or minutes, it will show links to all your website pages. Now, just, right click and select save to save this XML file to your PC. You can mechanically upload this file to your website server by choosing Upload to any FTP server option or make a compressed format by choosing that option. There is another variation of sitemap known as ROR which stands for resource of resource. This is a free XML format. You can make ROR sitemap by just typing site URL and clicking making sitemap. You are also needed to include a code snippet to head tag of your home index or page.

If you want to make XML Sitemap for your site try this XML sitemap generator to get high results in very short time. For more detail visit this link